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Thank you for visiting my website.  Here I document my latest projects and murals.  I am a St. Pete, FL artist who does paintings, street art, free art Friday, mail art, and rag doll maker.  My main character, Gretchen is a rag doll.  Why Gretchen? Why a rag doll?  Back in Psychology 101… the rat was fed by the wire mom and yet… always went to the soft mom for love and comfort.  I want to make art that brings joy, love, comfort.  I want to instill hope.  There are plenty of dark messages coming from the art world–especially in street art. I want to bring light.  I truly believe the only thing that matters is human connections.  Thank you for visiting my website!

Interview by Neil Shelby Long ! Please give Neil a follow and some Youtube love! He’s a British film maker and he made a little film about me!


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